Samantha Hook – A Good Face for Radio

Voice Over and Copywriter

During the pandemic I got busy! Brushing up old skills and learning some whole new ones.

I am now very happy to offer two new services, alongside my photography.


Drawing from six years’ experience in marketing for the arts and BBC Worldwide, as well as writing my own copy for the best part of twenty years and a life-long love of writing, I now offer copywriting to my clients for the first time in a long time!

My style is conversational but succint with a sly bit of humour thrown in for good measure.

To get a real feel for how I write, just take a look around this site – it’s all over it.


I provide Voice Over for Commercial and Narrative projects. I have a voice with warm, intimate, bright tones with a sassy delivery, when called for. My accent is UK/soft London and my age profile is 30 – 40+

I can record and supply VO remotely.


Tinderbox studios, the millhouse, cringle Road, stoke rochford, lincolnshire, Ng33 5EG